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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here!  Whether you’re planning a camping trip, day outing or simply enjoying the sun at home, here are some tips to keep your pets safe this summer.  4th of July Pets are easily frightened by loud, sudden noises, especially fireworks. Sadly, this is a time of year that animal control and rescues see pets being lost because they …

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Controlling Fleas & Ticks The word pest derives from the Latin word pastis meaning “plague”. This is a very appropriate term for insects that spread disease. In our May blog we covered the dangers of mosquitos and heartworm disease in pets. This month we are covering fleas and ticks. They, like the mosquito, become more abundant in warmer weather. But the …

Mosquitos: The Harm They Can Cause to Your Pet

Mosquitos & Heartworm Disease Unfortunately, with the warm weather we start seeing mosquitos again. They have a history of carrying diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, and a host of other diseases. But they also carry diseases to animals. Therefore, it is vital that pet parents are aware of the damage and disease they can cause their pets.  Heartworm …

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As we keep watch on news about COVID 19 some may wonder how this virus affects their pets. Firstly, realize there can be all sorts of random news on the internet. Therefore, we recommend following news from the WHO and the CDC so you get the facts. Also the AVMA is in regular contact with these organizations as well as …

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Spring is on its way!

Keep Your Pets Safe from Poisonous Plants March 19th marks the first day of spring. As the weather begins to warm up you may get the urge to get outside and start planting. Or if you don’t fancy gardening perhaps you may decide to simply add some plants to the inside of your home.  Spring is also a great time …

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Does your pet have bad breath?  Both cats and dogs will normally have some breath odor that can be detected when you are close to your pet.  For example, your pet’s breath may smell like the food they have eaten. However, while it will be noticeable it should not be horrible, especially if you are some feet away from your …

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Cat Litter Box Problems?

Cat urine is very pungent. No one likes to experience cat urine odor. So when a cat doesn’t use their litter box or starts marking urine around the home it is very upsetting for any pet owner. Sadly, inappropriate elimination is the number one reason cats wind up dropped off at shelters or euthanized. This can be avoided by educating …

Pets Can Stress over the Holidays too!

Pets do best when they have routines. However, a big holiday like Christmas can particularly send your routines up the chimney. The result can be a stressed out pet. While some pets may handle changes in stride, frequently pets react to the changes without owners even realizing it. For example, a pet can stress when you have unfamiliar family and …

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Breed of the Month

Breed of the month dogs will get their picture taken and will be featured on our Facebook page. Also with breed of the month you can receie a nail trim for 15% off!

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Friday smile club

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