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Reception Area – Welcome to our clinic! This is where we greet you and your pet(s) when you come for a visit!

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  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Front_Desk

Lobby – We invite you to relax in our waiting area. There you will find a variety of foods, treats, toys and educational material to choose from!

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Exam Room 1 – This exam room is specially designed for our larger pets. We have a lift table that raises them up, eliminating struggling pets and strained backs!

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  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Veterinary_Orthopedic_Manipulation

Exam Room 2 – Our second exam room is designed for our smaller dogs and cats.

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  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Exam_Room_2

Exam Room 3 – This is our consultation area, where we can examine pets as well as go over x-rays with you. It is also a private area for you to visit your pet during hospitalization.

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X-Ray Room – Our digital x-ray machine makes it especially nice for faster and more enhanced pictures. It is less stressful on your pet as we are able to view them within seconds, eliminating the up and down from the table for retakes, and faster diagnosis.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_X-Ray
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Surgery Room – Our state-of-the-art surgical suite has a gas anesthesia machine and a vitals monitor that is equipped to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, temperature, EKG, and carbon dioxide level. We also have an IV fluids pump for all anesthetic patients.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Surgery_Room

Treatment Area – This is our pre and post-surgical area, where we monitor your pet during hospitalization or drop off appointments.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Treatment_Area
  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Treatment_Area
  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Treatment_Area

In-House Lab – Our in-house lab eliminates the waiting games, since most test results can be obtained at the time of your appointment. We also have an in- house pharmacy so you are able to take your prescriptions home with you.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Lab
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Dental Area – We use an ultra-sonic scaler, high speed drill, and a low speed polisher for our dental work. This is all performed while your pet is carefully monitored under gas anesthesia.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Dental_Area

Kennels – Our larger pets are kept here during drop off and grooming appointments.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Kennels

Bath and Kennel Area – The bathing area features a slip-free walk up ramp for our larger dogs. There is also an insertable shelf to use for our smaller dogs and cats to stand on.

  • CederFalls_IA_Veterinarian_Kennels_and_Bath

Grooming Area – This is where we offer full service grooming for all your pets needs!

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