Canine Supplements & Treats

Pill Pockets for Canines

Getting your pet to take medications can be difficult and can leave you feeling frustrated and your pet angry, scared or confused.

Pill pockets offer a proven solution to your pill-giving problem. Pill pockets contains a built-in pouch suited for hiding the medicine and makes taking medicine a positive experience for your pet, plus, cats and dogs love them!

GLC 1000 powder or capsules

GLC 1000 Full Spectrum Joint Care makes the perfect companion for older and less mobile dogs of all breads, shapes, and sizes. Patented formula with all 4 glucosamine’s plus chondroitin. Consult with Dr. Stevenson before using this product.

Snip Tips

Free Form Snip Tips are used to support the immune system, joint health, and skin and coat, by helping to reduce inflammation. Free Form Snip Tips provide a concentrated source of beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids.


Actistatin is for use in dogs only to support healthy joints and enhance flexibility. This product helps support structural integrity of joints, connective tissue, and maintain cartilage while relieving occasional joint stiffness for long-term joint health in an easy to dose chew.


Nutri-Cal provides supplemental caloric and nutritional intake in dogs and is extremely palatable. To acquaint the animal with the flavor, place a small amount of Nutri-Cal in the animal’s mouth. It also provides an added source of energy for hunting and working dogs. It contains Omega-6 and Omega -3 Fatty Acids.


CoproBan is a convenient, easy to use, roast beef flavored soft chew used to deter coprophagia (stool eating) behavior in dogs and cats. CoproBan may also be fed to cats to discourage dogs from raiding the cat litter box.

Tear Stain

Tear stain remover is for use in dogs, over the age of 12 weeks, to help remove unsightly tear and saliva stains.

Tear stain supplement does the exact same thing, but it also helps prevent new stains from forming.

Composure Pro

Composure Pro supports calm behavior and brain health. Recommended for dogs in need of serious behavioral and brain function support, as well as supporting sleep efficiency. This can be used daily or for situational support.

Optima 365

Optima 365 reduces dander and shedding in cats and dogs. This veterinary formula of Optima 365 liquid is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This product improves the skin and coat condition and reduces excessive shedding.

IVet Healthy Rewards Treats

Ivet Healthy Rewards Low Fat canine treats are a great way to reward your dog on a daily basis without the risk of excessive weight gain. It provides a great complement to your dog’s normal diet, but is not intended for meal replacement. These are definitely approved by the APCC Staff doggies.

DenTees Chews

DenTees are a cleansing, breath freshening treat formulated for dogs. They contain sodium hexametaphosphate and acetic acid in a patented formula. Regular chewing activity with this dental treat helps to clean teeth by reducing tartar and plaque and maintain dental hygiene, which aids in freshening breath.


EpiTreats are a hypoallergenic formulate treat, for dogs. It’s a semi-moist treat that contains hydrolyzed protein from chicken liver with a low Dalton size of less than 3,500. EpiTreats also contain a single carbohydrate source of dried potato product.

Hills Metabolic Treats

Hills metabolic treats are tasty, healthy, and rewarding treats for adult dogs to support healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

Hills Hypo-Teats

Hills Hypo-Treats helps nourish skin and coat, and formulated are for dogs with adverse reactions to food.

Vetone DuoClenz

DuoClenz is an enzyme-coated flavorful dental chew for dogs to help keep teeth clean and freshen breath. The rawhide abrasive texture helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up and keeps the teeth clean. The palatable poultry flavor makes it a real treat.